Assignment Banksss

“Auditory Hell”

“Chrome Music Labs”



I honestly had a hard time picking out some assigments I wanted to do. I wanted to challenge myself and I did the auditory hell without listening to any of the sounds. I thought of the most gross or annoying sounds I could think of and masked them up in the most annoying form and it was the most annoying sound it make me jump. So after that I did the chrome music lab one because I love being about to make something and hear the outcome for the first time. being able to draw something and then hear my drawing was really cool! Then I wanted to do a mashup with some music but I didn’t want it to be too much since I have never done anything with music involved. I mean for my first time, I think I did pretty good! It was hard to find the right songs to maskup but I just did whatever song popped up on my TikTok for you page and used those songs. I know that may not be apart of the assignment but I could think of any songs in the current moment so I resulted to the music hub, well… not so much thanks to universal.

Overall, I think this was a very fun assignments to do for this week! I loved everyones as well!

-Reese Kubricki

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