Audio Storyboard!

I wanted to do a story of someone running and finding a good camp spot. I used Audacity to just add a ton of nature clips and mash them together. It was hard to think of a concept but I just started listening to different audios and put them in a good order I thought sounded nice. I added footsteps first and really liked it, I wanted it to almost sound like the person was going through different habitats but then I thought it would be fun to make it night time so thats what I did! I wanted it to have a nice bonfire sound with the night sky and have a more relaxing sound. I also added a yawn and a zip as if someone was zipping up a sleeping bag. I think making a story out of audio was a different learning experience, it is such a cool and unique way of telling a story.

As I did research, I found that a story is told by sound in audio storytelling, which combines spoken word, music, sound effects, and background noise to create a well-planned experience for listeners. Audio storytelling, in contrast to typical written narratives, is a potent medium for expressing ideas and emotions because it uses the aural sense to stimulate emotional reactions and vivid mental pictures.

Audio storytelling is a solid and fascinating narrative medium that builds connection, empathy, and creativity in its listeners. As technology advances, the possibilities for creative and captivating audio storytelling experiences are virtually limitless. It was enjoyable for my first time doing audio storytelling!

-Reese Kubricki

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