Daily Creates!

these are the daily Creates I did for the week! I was a bit picky this week because one of the daily creates confused me a bit so I did the “message in the sky”, “silk drawing”, and “secret enterance.”

for the plane, I literally had no clue what i would have said but if I had the money to put a message up, I think I would just pull a prank where it just says “ahhhh” as if the plane is screaming.

I also did the Silk Drawing one and I was just messing around and it started to look like a butterfly so I continued the butterfly idea.

The last one I did was the secret entrance. I just thought if you fell down that hole that you would fall and see a long cave hallway. It also gave me Game of Thrones dungeon vibes.

I think the daily creates are a easy assignment and I do actually enjoy doing them! I just get very cluttered with all the blog posts I have to do and this just feels like a factory reset for this class, almost like its the only thing I am confident I am doing correctly.

-Reese Kubricki

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