DS106 Goals #2

My original ds106 goal was:

“I want to explore the world of digital storytelling more. I want to work hard in this class. I have been dying to take this class since freshman year, but I just had been holding off, and I thought, now is my time to shine! I will also pursue a master’s degree, and one of my courses is Digital Storytelling! Why not get ahead while I can? My goal is to take time and care in my work, review it, edit it, and work with another peer to grow. This is an essential class because I would love to do anything involving digital storytelling as a career.”

My goal still stands, and I have been trying to stay on time and do things with care. I feel like I was definitely not reaching my goal in the beginning. I have been struggling for the past few weeks, especially at the beginning of the semester, with just understanding how to navigate this class with all the different websites and links. I think I had higher expectations for myself in this class because I didn’t know I would be having 20 tabs open to do one assignment and get lost all the time. I do think I have a good understanding now? I hope so! 

Overall, I think my goal is a great goal to have for this class. Always learning and updating your skills is very important. I still would like to reach my goal and  I would say my newer goal would to be how to space out the assignments because starting assignments on Wednesday’s is not enough time for how many assignments.

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