It’s not art, it’s data!

Share the image you felt was the worst. What did you ask for? How would you describe what you got?

For this image, I believe it is my worst because I had asked the AI bot for a cat having a tea party but the cat looks a little bit weird and I also have no clue what animal is next to the lady.

Share the image you generated that was most impressive. What made this one work?

This cat looks the most like my cat which was really impressive to me! I really love the accuracy that it has! I know I will show my cat in future assignments so you guys will be able to compare if you keep up with me!

Reflection: Where do you perceive AI image generation as a threat to artists?

I feel like the accuracy in this image can be a threat to some artist because of the details in it. the little hair strokes and eye crusties is what I think is accurate in art.

My other AI generated photos!

I had a theme with cats and I first looked up the breed of my cat and it expanded it to these images! The first image was also a fun prompt that I said cats having a tea party and cats riding a bike.

Assignment Bank!

these were my assignment banks! my first one was Your story as a game and Valentine card! I Used AI as the base and I added my own touch to make it match with what the design bank said! I hope everyone enjoys!

-Reese Kubricki

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