Last First Week of Classes!

Hello Everyone! My name is Reese Kubricki and I am a senior majoring in Communication and Digital Studies at the University of Mary Washington! I am so excited to be taking Digital Storytelling this semester and it ends up being my last semester at UMW. With that being said, this blog will be dedicated to what I learn in my class!

Week one:

for one of my AI films I had watched for week one of my class was “Fall Guy”. I had always gotten told I would love that movie because of my interest in AI and one of my favorite actors is in it, Joe Keery! I think it was such a great film and they added just the right amount of humor of AI as well as the dark side of it. I also loved Ryan Reynolds and how he captured the non emotional AI game into having feeings and wanting to explore more to help his friend. I think it is a lighthearted way to show that AI can develop feelings and maybe some could be nice and be helpful but you never know what could happen.

With all that being said, I want to explore more into the world of Digital Storytelling. I really want to work hard in this class. I have been dying to take this class since freshman yeah but I just had been holding off and I thought now is my time to shine! I also will be persuing a masters degree and one of my courses is Digital Storytelling! why not get ahead while I can! My goal is to really take time and care into my work, review it, edit it, and work with other peer in order for me to grow. I feel like this is a very important class to me because I would love to do anything involving digital storytelling as a career.

So far it has been a rough start for the week! I was having a lot of technical difficulties trying to create this domain and using WordPress. I will have to say I have tried to avoid using WordPress my entire college courses because I personally think there is no room for creativity, it just makes me feel trapped and lost in a way. I thought it would be a little easier navigating through everything but my boyfriend took this class and he was a huge help so I am really grateful he was the 4th and final help to get me started! Now that he has helped me understand and navigate where everything is, I feel a lot better but still may hit a few bumps along this ride.

Anyways, I hope this is a great last semester! -Reese K

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