Radio Bumper and Radio Show Ideas!

I am not sure if I was supposed to do it in the beginning of the week to hear it on the ds106 radio but I with personal reason I was only able to start it on Wednesday. I wasn’t sure what I had wanted to do so I did what I would want for a radio bumper for my own show!

This is the bumper I had created! I wanted to use a little easter egg for any swifties out there! I wanted to add “are you ready for it” because when I was making the bumper, it was around the grammys and I thought she would be announcing Reputation (tv) but she dropped a NEW album!! She is also a big impact in my life as we can probably tell. I think for my idea for a radio show, having Taylor Swift as the bumper just makes total sense! my radio show idea is also an all female music to empower women. Sometimes women just want to listen to something more empowering to them and not so much rap and country. With everything going on, having female artists shine as their rights are stripped is a really strong idea.¬†With Roe v Wade, I feel like there is a new wave a feminism going around and with the NFL’s fragile masculinity I think an all female artist station can be refreshing!

overall, I hope I am able to combine the radio bumper assignment and my radio show idea into one blog post to make my mind a lot less cluttered with all the different blog posts we have to do!

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