Reflection on the Videos!

I really loved these videos, it really was engaging in a sense of being able to break down piece by piece and went to the professionals for help. I really found fascinating was the color schemes with all the movie posters in the Vanity Fair video! When he was showing a ton next to each other it was shocking to see how similar they all truly are. After watching that video I looked up if all of the Disney Princess’s movie and it is cool to look at because it seems to pair the colors from the dress and their hair to the background. for Example, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty have pink dresses and blonde hair and both of the backgrounds are blue and green.

With the Vox video I also really loved because Stranger Things is one of my favorite shows to watch just because it is such a time jump to a time I wasn’t born in but my mom was growing up around that time and its cool to watch a thriller and also learn what my mom grew up with. I think it was really awesome with the typography pair with that they had a vision with and how they executed it to the wonderful masterpiece it is! They used book covers they loved in their time to make it happen but with the video with the book cover artist, it was cool to see how creative he is and how to pair the story to the cover without using too much negative space with the letters. I am not so much a book fan myself so I normally don’t pay attention to book covers because they do have they same kind of style in my opinion.

I think these were really cool ways to break down a graphic design for a movie, book, or show!

-Reese Kubricki

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