Video Assignments

I decided to do the second option of doing three from the assignment bank becuase I didn’t really understand the first option very well. I did find so many fun assignments in the bank and I wanted to do two that were about my character so I can build more about them. I did three assignments, Tell Your Character’s Story, Character Movie Trailer, and #SixSecondArt.

My character is Layla and if you don’t know about her, she is a Manga Artist, who loves marvel, coffee shops, book lover, and she believes Everything can be interpreted as art.

I also wanted to do #SixSecondArt because it reminds me of doing a vine and that was my childhood. I never made any vines and I now thinking about trying to capture everything in 6 seconds is really hard.

I hope everyone enjoyed my video bank assignments! I worked on them all day Monday and Tuesday so I wanted to go back and write about them with a fresh and clear mind. I think it was really fun to base it off of my character! I also wanted to add my cats because cats make everything better! Overall, I love video editing and everything that comes with it.

-Reese Kubricki

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