Week 2 of Digital Storytelling!

Now where do I even start…

Week two for me was a very hard start to the semester. As a senior, college never seems to get easier, I constantly think that my classes will become less stressful and more fun and in my interest. But this week did seem like a lot to me, I am not sure if I just have to get used to the class but I have never been so confused in my time here at UMW. Well, as I have started my final semester, I have already had issues with Mastodon and getting logged in which was extremely stressful since I had to do the daily creates and I couldn’t log in till Wednesday. So unfortunately, I did miss two of the daily creates but I hope to never miss another one!

I will be adding my Daily Creates to my blog for everyone to see! again, I am dearly sorry for not being able to do two of them!

Create your course character?

This was truly confusing to me. I did the google form but I thought I had to create a character of my own? I am still going to “make” a character?…. I hope?

my character idea was like a Blonde Preppy girl but by again, Not sure if that is a course character or not! if anyone would like to clarify the course character assignment please let me know!

As well as Dr. Oblivion, I was confused what I needed to do, so again, I am sorry for not understanding what was supposed to be done, but it was cool to use!

I had asked him “what do you do?” and this is what he had said!

Assignment Banks!

I actually had a lot of fun with these! I was confused AGAIN because I thought those were other students posts and not actually an assignment to do, so that wasn’t clear to me.

I had done the Sports Poster, an animal GIF, and a City Poster!

I hope everyone loves them! I am also a very BIG Taylor Swift Fan so the only sports poster I could think of doing is Taylors Boyfriend lol! I also wanted to make my cat into a GIF so i went ahead and did that as well. Then I just made a FXBG poster because I love it here!….. Sometimes.


In the text, the “Techno-Optimism” philosophy—which promotes accepting and promoting technology—is described. It makes the case that worries about problems like job loss are exaggerated and that technology has traditionally raised living standards and helped people escape poverty. The author thinks that mankind may attain previously unheard-of levels of affluence, plenty, and quality of life with ongoing technological advancement. Growth has no intrinsic bounds, and increased innovation will be used to overcome difficulties going forward. The paper disavows the idea of restricting progress out of prudence. All in all, it encourages a positive assessment of human potential when freed from anti-growth or anti-technology viewpoints.

RE-Write film review of Free Guy

my review on Free Guy I said “for one of my AI films I had watched for week one of my class was “Fall Guy”. I had always gotten told I would love that movie because of my interest in AI and one of my favorite actors is in it, Joe Keery! I think it was such a great film and they added just the right amount of humor of AI as well as the dark side of it. I also loved Ryan Reynolds and how he captured the non emotional AI game into having feeings and wanting to explore more to help his friend. I think it is a lighthearted way to show that AI can develop feelings and maybe some could be nice and be helpful but you never know what could happen.”

to add onto that, I feel Some claim that Free Guy is the first of a planned slate of “kind AI” films that demonstrate how humans and AI entities may coexist. Some claim that the film makes the case that artificial intelligence (AI) can help create a better virtual environment on the internet. Others claim that by demonstrating how millions of interactions are utilized to create training data, which aids in character evolution and behavior improvement, the film serves as a representation of machine learning.

I hope you everyone has a better week than I did!

-Reese Kubricki

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