Week 3 of Digital Storytelling! yay!

this week I has a busy time in the beginning with personal stuff so I read through the assignments on Monday and Tuesday as I did some daily creates between my free time. I really hunkered down with these assignments and honestly had a really enjoyable time with this week! I feel like I learned a lot about AI imaging and Color theory in marketing with movies and books! I think I enjoyed the amount of work we had as well because it wasn’t super overwhelming! I think I had a good time with AI imaging assignment, I think having a simple word like “cat” to “breed of cats” to “lynx point” to “cat having a tea party” and I got some pretty fun results. I wanted to use a cat for the theme because cats can be very detailed in many different ways, and they are cute! as you can see my roommates can in my 20 min photoblitz!

I also thought the photoblitz was fun and my friend Gracie also helped me out so it was fun to have a fun time with a friend with this assignment!

I also did Three Daily Creates! I had a lot of fun doing it so check out that blog post!

the AI assignment was a cool way to play with AI imaging but it does kind of scare me with the accuracy!

and lastly I watched the videos and I REALLY enjoyed them! it seems like such a fun industry to be in!

I hope you all had a good week!

-Reese Kubricki

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